The Pharaoh’s Harem Kickstarter Contest!



The Pharaoh’s Harem is an indie ePublishing Company dedicated to the production and distribution of quality Boys’ Love and Yaoi products… and we need your help!


Our aim is to provide sexy, fun BL content that doesn’t just come from Japan, but all over the world. Our current abilities lie in providing 18+ eBooks and a quarterly eMagazine with the latest news on yaoi publications, slash fiction, quizzes and games, and a whole lot more! With the help of the Kickstarter, we can kick things into high gear with hopes of providing things such as Yaoi Visual Novels, eComics, and Drama CDs!

In efforts to reach out to more potential consumers to help pledge to the cause, we are hosting a simple contest! Check out the rules below… and you can win some lovely Boys’ Love prizes!

Offered Prizes!


Winner will receive their choice of two yaoi publications from the pictured volumes above. (Shy Intentions, Loving Gaze, Dost Thou Known, Romantic Illusions, Great Place High School, June Pride, and Shinobu Kokoro). If the Kickstarter is successful, we will also pick 2nd and 3rd place winners, who will have their choice of one yaoi publication (after the first winner chooses).. the other two will be first come, first serve!

Rules for the Contest!:

♥ By playing, you’re saying you’re 18 or over or can win and view the provided material. TPH is not responsible for content being placed in the hands of minors by this agreement.

Only reblogs count, for obvious reasons!

♥ Yes, I will ship internationally!

♥ You can reblog as many times as you want… each reblog is another name in the drawing!

♥ If you ALSO donate to the Kickstarter your name will be entered again for every $5 you pledge! (So if you pledge $25, that means your name gets entered an extra 5 times). Just PM me and let me know!

♥ Contest Ends October 5th! We will be contacting the winner(s) by October 18th via Ask Box, so be sure your is open to receive messages! You will have 72 hours to claim your prize! Otherwise, we will contact someone else.

Last but not least, a special thanks to Yaoi Lovers Everywhere… please support The Pharaoh’s Harem!